Increasing Number Agency: About

Contact is a volunteer effort (i.e. non-commerical project) developed and operated by Arno Hollosi.

Please direct any questions you have to <info at number . agency>

Data collected

In our database

Our database only stores the name of the number and the number value itself. In addition we store the date of the last change. As such, the data in the database is anonymous data according to the GDPR, because noone (even we) can link it back to a person.

Operational data

Our webserver stores the usual access and error log entries. They contain:

We do not store other information like e.g. browser name and version, operating system, referring website etc.

Access and error logs are deleted after 30 days. Only anonymous aggregate information (such as how many requests in total were sent in a given month) are kept.

IP addresses are personal identifiable information according to the GDPR. Therefor you can contact us about any web logs we have stored about your IP address, given you can prove to us that you were using that address at that time. As we delete log files after 30 days, we cannot provide information that is older than 30 days.

Cookies & third parties

We do not use cookies.

We do not use any third parties (e.g. tracker scripts, advertisements etc.)

We do not share any information with third parties (except maybe for anonymous aggregate information like total number of requests in a given month.)

The site is run on a dedicated (bare-metal) server rented from a German hosting provider. You can read about their policies here.


We take security seriously: we keep the server up to date with latest security patches, and data is encrypted during transit. We have strong access controls in place, and do not store data longer than absolutely necessary.

If you find a security related issue or have a security related question, please contact us at <info at number . agency>.